This kit gives you a custom wrench for removing the OEM nuts, and 2 new nuts with pressure fit tabs to make the next service much easier!

2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Shock Nut Set


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The original equipment upper rear shock mounting nuts are very hard, if not almost impossible, to get a standard wrench on. Cutting down a wrench to make it fit the space available, is often your only option.

To avoid cutting wrenches and wasting time, this set gives you a custom laser cut wrench for removing the OEM nuts, and 2 new nuts with tabs attached to make servicing the rear shocks much easier!

Customer Reviews

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Per Olson
Great product

This made installation take a fraction of the time. No more need to sawing off that wrench to get in tight spaces to replace the shocks.


2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Shock Nut Set

Wills Hougland
Great product that makes replacing the shocks a breeze.

All in I was able to replace each side in under thirty minutes. Mostly thanks to the shock nut set. This would have been a difficult job that requires modifying my wrenches without this. Would highly recommend.

David Eggleston

Worked as they were designed to do!

Robert P Smith
Ram 1500 Shock Nut set

The nuts themselves are super. The tool to get the old nuts off is a little weak. I almost twisted it in half using it, but it is a great that it was included with the set. I highly recommend getting this set of you are going to be changing your rear shocks.