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The ultimate option for maximum performance! Our long arms allow the axle to move in a more vertical motion, greatly improving ride quality compared to the factory OEM short-arm design.
  • Fit with ZERO lift up to 6" of lift.
  • Optimum cycle path of the suspension, to reduce roll-steer while keeping a bit of anti-dive, and easing driveline vibration.
  • Must be welded to frame, and OEM control arm mounts cut off/removed.
  • Uses our new self-centering 17-4 hardened stainless orbital joint pivots with .PTMEG Poly joints. EASY and cheap to rebuild if/when needed!
  • 0.00mm Offset wheels provide full turning radius with up to Toyo 37x13.5 MT tires. +18mm offset wheels will rub the paint a bit with 37x13.5 tire, but be tolerable.
  • Arms come powdercoated and assembled, while the brackets are raw steel for welding.

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    Lowell Neshem
    Alien Arms!

    Don’s Alien Arms are very well designed and the craftsmanship is absolutely world class. The install is more complex than installing short arms but it is not too bad as long as you have a competent welder complete the welding. Huge improvement in ride and overall feel of the truck! I installed these on a 3” lift and the small sharp edge bumps that use make the whole truck shudder are now absorbed and go almost unnoticed. Roll steer is greatly reduced as well. Highly recommend!