1994-1998 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms
Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-1998 Dodge Ram Upper Alien Long Control Arms
1994-1998 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms

1994-1998 Dodge Ram Alien Long Arms


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While these may be noted out of stock, we generally have everything in-house ready to go, just waiting on final assembly and packaging. Most orders will ship within a week or two, or less, after your order is placed. Thank you!


  • NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING!! : These frame brackets were originally designed for the 2003-2013 year trucks. With the varying shapes of the 2nd Gen frame, to fit these on a 2nd Gen, you will need to do a bit of fitment adjusting and grinding to the brackets shape. Each side bracket may take 30min of adjusting.
  • We have seen variations of Control Arm bolt sizes for the 1998-2000 production year model trucks. We recommend checking yours before ordering.
  • The 1994-1998 option will have 12mm bolts (the thread/shank diameter not the bolt head wrench size) for the upper arms, and 14mm bolts for the lower.
  • The 1999-2002 model option will have 14mm upper bolts, and 16mm lower bolts.

If you order and receive the incorrect size arms, we are not responsible for return costs.

  • Thuren long arms allow the axle to move in a more vertical motion, greatly improving ride quality compared to the factory OEM short-arm design.
  • Fits ZERO to 6" of lift.
  • Optimum suspension cycle path, to reduce roll-steer while keeping a bit of anti-dive, and easing of driveline vibration.
  • OEM mounts must be Cut Off/Removed and Thuren Control Arm mounts must be welded on.
  • Uses Thuren  machined self-centering 17-4 hardened stainless orbital joint pivots with .PTMEG Poly joints. EASY and cheap to rebuild if/when needed!
  • 0.00mm Offset wheels provide full turning radius with a Toyo 37x13.5 MT tire. +18mm offset wheels will rub the paint a bit with 37x13.5 tire, but will be tolerable.
  • Arms come powder-coated and assembled, while the mounting brackets are raw steel for welding.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jeffrey Harriman
    Must have upgrade!

    Absolute must have upgrade for these trucks! I paired this kit with their 2" soft ride coils and it transformed the ride. Beautiful build quality and I got them quicker than expected. Don't waste your time with upgrading your short arms, save your money by doing it once and buy this kit. Next thing on my list to do is their long travel leaf conversion. The front end rides so nice it gives you confidence to hit bumps faster but the crappy factory rear leaf's can't keep up.

    Kyle Sullivan

    These arms are of extremely high quality, they are over built and beautiful! They smoothed out the small bumps noticeably and made for a much more stable ride at high speed on my 2nd Gen! The best on the market bar none!