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Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit Mounting Bracket On Truck
Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit Trackbar Axle Side Mount On Truck
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1994-2002 Dodge Ram Front Track Bar Kit


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The Thuren 1994-2002 Front Trackbar kit corrects suspension geometry, by relocating the upper bar main pivot, to a more proper location. This upgraded engineering compared to the OEM geometry, allowed us to reduce bump steer, and improve overall steering quality with our extremely rigid bracket design. Our frame side bracket is extremely easy to install compared to what has been historically available, and feedback after a few hundred of these kits sold has been even better than we expected!


  • 1994-2002 Ram 2500/3500
  • 1994-2001 Ram 1500 4x4.


  • Can function on any 0" - 4" suspension lift and is designed to be used without a drop pitman arm.
  • Can support up to 13" suspension travel and allow the suspension to use factory bump travel.
  • Should clear most larger diff covers. We have not received feedback determining otherwise after a few hundred kits sold.



    1) Some of the later 1999-2002 3500 trucks have a larger diameter Sway Bar, with a more curved shape to it. This bar has a inward "kick" to it, moving it closer to the frame. This style bar will not work with our Track bar Kit. Please email us pictures of your factory 3500 Sway Bar if you are unsure or the clearance needed, or, plan on purchasing our Sway Bar kit. Out of many hundred 1994-2002 Trackbar kits sold, we have only seen this issue pop up a few times.

    2) If you have the PSC Big Bore SG851 Gearbox Kit, you will need one of these bolts ---> Click Here

    3) If you have a 1994 - 1998 Model Truck and you have Sway Bar Links or a kit that requires you to flip the Sway Bar to the top side of the axle mounts, your Sway Bar will hit our Trackbar Mount.


    Replacement Parts Can Be Found Here

    Product Installation Instructions

    Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front track Bar Instructions

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews

    Superb quality and installation was a breeze. Installed on an old 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, replacing the original factory track bar, which was shot.
    Straight up, easy bolt-on. The only thing needed was a drill to bore out the factory bolt holes to fit a larger bolt. Besides that, I'm impressed with how simple this was and how it helped correct my death wobble, ensuring my axle didn't sway side to side. I highly recommend there products and you shouldn't look anywhere else as the others, like Synergy, can't compete with this track bar for a 2nd gen Cummins.

    Perfect! 01 dodge ram

    I am extremely pleased with Thurens 2nd gen track bar. The product is very high quality and I could tell a difference while driving after installing it. Not only was the product it’s self good quality, but they had excellent customer service and never failed to answer any questions I had. I highly suggest this product and company!

    Bill Fahl
    Well designed kit

    Definitely a top notch kit, buy with confidence.

    Patrick Caron
    Fantastic fit! 2002 Dodge Ram 2500

    Installed it on stock suspension and then on 3” soft ride diesel leveling kit. No longer has axle wander on the road. Did not have to adjust length for the 3” thuren leveling springs. Instructions thorough and easy to follow. One thing to note: bend the long flag stainless handle nut “pole” after you get it tight, rubbed on my borgeson shaft slightly. I did not see that mentioned in the instructions.

    Alex Z

    I have to start with I’ve installed many of the BD Diesel 3rd gen track bar conversion kits and man are they a pain in the A**! I got this kit for my 2001 2500 with a Cummins and hoped it would be a stronger and better built mounting bracket and hoped the installation would be easier then the bd kit. Man did you guys hit the nail on the head this kit is awesome! The mounting bracket is absolute BEEF! The fabrication is flawless and the install was so easy took me 2 to 3 hours to install the track bar kit and the 3” thuren coils. 10/10 will recommend to anyone in the future. If anyone has anything negative to say about this kit go install a BD or any other 3 gen conversion kit then you’ll see how superior this kit is!