Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit
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Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit Mounting Bracket On Truck
Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit Trackbar Axle Side Mount On Truck
Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front Track Bar Kit Trackbar Mounted On Truck Bracket Side
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1994-2002 Dodge Ram Front Track Bar Kit


Regular price $575.00

The Thuren 1994-2002 Front Trackbar kit corrects suspension geometry, by relocating the upper bar main pivot, to a more proper location. This upgraded engineering compared to the OEM geometry, allowed us to reduce bump steer, and improve overall steering quality with our extremely rigid bracket design. Our frame side bracket is extremely easy to install compared to what has been historically available, and feedback after a few hundred of these kits sold has been even better than we expected!


  • 1994-2002 Ram 2500/3500
  • 1994-2001 Ram 1500 4x4.
  • 1999-2002 may require slight grinding for fit. Read STEP 13 HERE if concerned about.


  • Can function on any 0" - 4" suspension lift and is designed to be used without a drop pitman arm.
  • Can support up to 13" suspension travel and allow the suspension to use factory bump travel.
  • Should clear most larger diff covers. We have not received feedback determining otherwise after a few hundred kits sold.


1) Some of the later 1999-2002 3500 trucks have a larger diameter Sway Bar, with a more curved shape to it. This bar has a inward "kick" to it, moving it closer to the frame. This style bar will not work with our Track bar Kit. Please email us pictures of your factory 3500 Sway Bar if you are unsure or the clearance needed, or, plan on purchasing our Sway Bar kit. Out of many hundred 1994-2002 Trackbar kits sold, we have only seen this issue pop up a few times.

2) If you have the PSC Big Bore SG851 Gearbox Kit, you will need one of these bolts ---> Click Here

3) If you have a 1994 - 1998 Model Truck and you have Sway Bar Links or a kit that requires you to flip the Sway Bar to the top side of the axle mounts, your Sway Bar will hit our Trackbar Mount.


Replacement Parts Can Be Found Here

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication 1994-2002 Front track Bar Instructions

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Waldron
2002 2500 horrible fitment

For the later 2nd gens, a bracket is needed to be ground down in order for the frame bracket to fit flush to the frame. This was not a huge deal until the 3rd and final bolt to be installed in the frame bracket bottom, is nowhere close to fitting. Instructions state the hole can be up to 1/8” off. The bracket I received is 2/3” off. I am regretting this purchase because it required me to grind off a factory bracket that reinforces the trac bar. On the order page is clearly states fitment issues for the 3500 but mention’s nothing of 2500. Until I received the install instructions with my order.

Jim Lexow
2ed gen Cummins upgrades

I have a number of 2gen dodge trucks with high end suspension systems, I live in the cursed midwest where they salt and spray calcium chloride on the roads, it kills vehicles amazingly fast, so I recently purchased a rust bucket diesel for the winter,But as with my other trucks there’s only so much time I can live with the handling problems of a stock truck, I ended up with full leaf packs and long arms, 3” coils,sway bar and shocks, I had been using a rare parts track bar which is fine for up to a 2.5 inch lift but would not give adequate travel because of being limited by tie rod style joint on the frame side,I enjoy doing all of my own fab work and machining but at some point taking advantage of the expertise of a quality built component both saves time and $, knowing it has been thoroughly tested is peace of mind,I have purchased Thern components in the past and been more than happy with the quality and fit,I received the track bar in 6 days from the time of ordering, everything was in good shape and well packaged, the directions were very helpful and well laid out, including torque specs and measurement information, all of the brackets slid on Without any modification or clearance thing,The difference in road feel is impressive,I believe the geometry of this track bar combined having the benefits of aligned joints versus a spherical ball and bushing allows the suspension to remain active and freely cycle cutting down on a lot of the chatter the imperfections in the road feed up to the body and frame,Also I would like to mention the the perfection that the components are welded together with, it is completely above and beyond most fabricating skill levels, as a welder I truly appreciate this extreme attention to detail taken two an art form! Thanks Thern team for high quality parts that are proudly made in the USA!

Benjamin Korth
Top notch product

I was simple blown away when I unboxed the trac bar! The quality of the welds really caught my eye as a fabricator/welder. I was worried about it being a disappointment especially for the price but the fit and finish is second to none and well worth the money. It installed super easy with the detailed instructions and found that everything was carefully thought out and planned. I haven’t driven the truck yet but I’m sure it will perform excellent.

Parker Morris
Far better than Stock!

So many great upgrades. Stock track bar sucks. Thuren conversion is amazing! Fixed my front end pivot! Did the conversion on both my 2nd gens. Well worth it!

Brady Gettman
Best of the best don’t mess with the rest

Went from another company’s conversion track bar setup to Thurens and could tell a difference all around for the better. Build quality is top notch as always with these Thuren products. Keep cranking out 2nd gen stuff guys! Thanks!