XHD SWAYBAR LINKS RAM 2500 (2014-2018)


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Our XHD swaybar links are the strongest, most versatile swaybar links available to fit the OEM front swaybar. These swaybar links allow you to retain the OEM swaybar, instead of our lighter rate Active Sway Bar, when your truck is outfitted with a higher center of gravity like a slide in camper, heavy roof rack, heavy roof top tent, etc.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE! It's rare, but we have seen some of the 2010+ OEM swaybars that are a bit wider than normal, where the clevis slips over the bar. If you have a 2010+ truck please verify that the tip of your swaybar is no wider than 1.67".
  • Does not fit 2019-2020 Ram 2500/3500/Power Wagon
  • Same proven orbital JKS poly inner bushings used on our Active Rate Sway Bar.
  • Fully greaseable
  • 1/4" steel welded super stout clevis adapter.
  • 17-4 stainless steel crush sleeves and 1998.5-2013 adapter washers.
  • Zinc and Black Phosphate corrosion resistant hardware.
  • Does not fit the 1994 to early 1998 "Cobra style" axle mounts.

Customer Reviews

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I am always wondering if something is as good as they say. Well I installed them and went out on my dirt road and I can say there was a difference. Then I went to a railroad track that I wouldn’t go over 10 mph! Hit that at 30 mph & didn’t realize I went over the tracks! So yup they are a game changer to a Cummins 2500!