Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Dodge Ram 3500 FOX 2.0 IFP Shocks -019 Option
Thuren Fabrication 2013-2022 Dodge Ram 3500 FOX 2.0 IFP Shocks -020 Option

2013-2023 Dodge Ram 3500 Fox 2.0 IFP Shocks

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Our Fox 2.0 IFP shocks offer great on and off road comfort.

The aluminum body helps with cooling, so we can slow down the rebound damping reducing bounce, while fine tuning the compression damping for comfort.

These are a great option for anything from highway to lower moderate-speed off road driving.


  • Fit & Function with Thuren Front Coils only!
  • The rear shocks do not fit the Chassis-Cab model Ram 3500
  • The rear shocks fit and function well with stock or aftermarket leafs on the 3500 with up to 2" rear lift.
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Aluminum main body is highly corrosion resistant.
  • Custom developed valving to cover a vast array of driving conditions.
  • Shafts are standard chrome steel

Consider adding Shock Boots to protect the shock shafts. With exposed shock shafts, regular Off-Road, and winter ice and snow conditions where they gravel and salt roads, can quickly ruin shocks. The gravel from other vehicles in front of you or from your front tires, bouncing around under your truck, can chip the shock shaft. This will cause the shocks to leak, and this is not covered under warranty. Mud and salt dried on the shafts, can penetrate the seals during use, and this is also not covered under warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Chris Laba
Thuren 2.0 IFP Shocks

10/10 best level I have ever purchased, improved my ride by a lot and gave the truck a aggressive stance and was able to clear 35s. Would definitely recommend to anybody

Gregg P
How it should have came from factory.

13 mega cab 3500
I’ve been on the fence buying the front springs and fox 2.0s since 2018. I honestly just couldn’t see how this kit made that much of a difference. I’ve had several brands of shocks, reflex, rancho adj, bilstein ( roughest riding ones). Called and talked to thuren, a few days later ordered the kit. It came in a few days later. All I can say is wow, huge difference, ride, control over bumps etc. if you’re on the fence, just buy the kit, don’t wait 5 years wondering like me, wish I done this back in ‘18 when I found them.

Tony O.
Fantastic addition to my truck

2013 Ram 3500 Laramie 4x4. I bought the 1.75" leveling kit with the Fox 2.0 shocks. The kit came with new coil springs, track bar, and of course the shocks. The kit eliminated the "boat" feeling, and the truck handles speed bumps, turns, and washboard roads much better. Huge positive change across the board. If you can afford the shocks, definitely do the upgrade to Fox 2.0. I followed the Thuren tire fitment guide, and put on 35x12.5x18 Cooper Dicoverer ATX XLT, on 18x9 +18mm wheels. The tire fitment looks great, like it should have been from the factory :-) Zero rub, tire is just to the edge of the fender well. Looks great and performs great, thank you Thuren.

Dave Rau

Very satisfied. Great product.

mitch columbo
Leveling kit shocks,track bar,1.75” springs

Everything worked out nice
Springs an track bar fit perfectly an trk rides real nice