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Image of Thuren Fabrication 1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 FOX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Kit Shocks Only

1994-2013 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir

SKU: TF-985-24-021-MTS

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Our Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir shocks offer great on and off road comfort.

The Remote reservoir helps with cooling, so we can slow down the rebound damping reducing bounce, while fine tuning the compression damping for comfort.


  • highway
  • lower moderate-speed off road driving


  • Will not fit with Thuren Towers
  • Front shocks are great up to 3.5" front lift maximum.
  • Rear shocks work well with stock or aftermarket leafs, up to a 1.5" rear lift.


    • Bolts to OEM original upper shock mounts.
    • Custom Thuren progressive valving to cover a vast array of driving conditions.
    • Aluminum main body and reservoir are highly corrosion resistant.
    • Shafts are standard chrome steel
    • Front package includes shocks and our stainless steel reservoir mounts.
    • Rear package includes piggyback mounts and necessary hardware.

    Consider adding Shock Boots to protect the shock shafts. With exposed shock shafts, regular Off-Road, and winter ice and snow conditions where they gravel and salt roads, can quickly ruin shocks.

    The gravel from other vehicles in front of you or from your front tires, bouncing around under your truck, can chip the shock shaft. This will cause the shocks to leak, and this is not covered under warranty. Mud and salt dried on the shafts, can penetrate the seals during use, and this is also not covered under warranty.

    Product Installation Instructions


    REAR KIT -
    FOX 2.0 REMOTE RESERVOIR  SKU: TF-985-24-022

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Jeremy Jelier

    Had a synergy coil in my truck and wanted to swap over the the 3” soft ride thurens. Huge ride quality improvement and paired with the fox 2.0 resi shocks I’m properly amazed

    Canadian install.

    Pretty easy install once I got it figured out. It would be great if there was some Canadian trucks used for the install videos. We get a lot of corrosion and most of our trucks are Laramie package. I had to remove the battery boxes to get my shocks towers out which the top bolts were seized onto. Didn’t see that video anywhere. They seem to be pretty smooth compared to the stock shocks. Happy I bought them.

    Nick Mello
    Can't believe I waited so long to do this!

    These were replacing blown out factory shocks. Anything would've been better, than those, but these were amazing! Installed on a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500. I can tow my trailer now with it fishtailing at the slightest bump in the road.

    Fox 2.0 remote reservoir

    Smoother ride than the standard 2.0. Easy to install.

    Etienne Lekumberry
    Second Gen Saviors

    2002 six speed short bed. 305k miles. Began looking at the track bar for eliminating death wobble and improving handling; ended up pulling the trigger on the high clearance control arms, XS coils, fox smooth bodies w/ reservoirs, track bar, and sway bar. Unbelievable. It feels wrong. Going from the slop steering and back-breaking ride of the oem track bar and springs to the full Thuren front end is the only thing truly worth the money on these trucks. I would give them 10 stars but Thuren is too humble. Fastidious parts quality, superb customer service, wicked fast shipping, and a life changing ride for a very worthy truck. Hats off to you guys! Simply amazing products.