Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Coils

2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Coils


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Important: These Rear Coils must be used with Thuren Swaybar Links and shocks or other brand components with the exact same specs. If ordering from this page, You hereby acknowledge that you understand these conditions and know what is required, and/or already have the the required components on hand.

Sold in Pairs

These rear coils have 3 conditions that Must All be met.

  • Swaybar Links must be 14" TO 15" In length center to center
  • Rear shocks must be 17.5" Or less for compressed length              
  • Same rear shocks must measure 26.5" TO 28.5" extended length

Please visit the 2014+ REAR COIL KIT product page for complete coil details 

Weight and height notes:  Our coils being softer than OEM coils, weight added to the rear of the truck will exaggerate the lowering effect. So, if you have 500lbs added to the bed with your stock coils, that 1/2" of sag will be about 1" of sag with our coils. Mega Cab and Single Cab trucks are not as common as the Quad Cab we designed these coils around, so keep in mid the Mega Cab is about 700lbs heavier than the Quad Cab, and the Single Cab is about 700lbs lighter, so subtract/add about 1/2" to 1" of height if you have one of those trucks. Final lift heights are not guaranteed.

Product Installation Instructions

Thuren Fabrication Rear Coil Kit Instructions


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Heath Gallimore
Thuren coil springs and bilstein 5100 shocks

Increase the comfort of the ride x10!

Brad Roberts
Nice improvement over stock

Coils are smooth compared to stock. Still has a firm feel but don’t need a mouth guard anymore and kids don’t need a 5 point harness to ride in the back seat anymore. If your planning to tow anything heavy your going to want to supplement these springs with a set of airbags. When not towing just empty the bags and you’ll have a nice ride

Richard Maves
Yet another marked improvement

After years of riding around with many Thuren parts I decided it was time to do the rear coils and links. It is truly incredible that even without having the shocks revalved yet, the improvement is impressive. The driving experience yet again improved in a way I didn’t think it could in this truck. I thought after I’d done the front end and the rear track bar that rear coils wouldn’t make have that much of an impact. I was wrong. While not as large of an improvement as the rear track bar it’s right there. It’s impressive and if I could throw it 6 stars I would.


2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Coils

Joseph Tackett
Great for comfortable ride. Not so good for towing.

I really enjoyed these coils with the bilistein rear shocks after I installed them. Made the ride much smoother and more comfortable. I went to tow my 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel and it sagged to just a hair above the bump stocks. The ride home was like a hard tail motorcycle which led me to drop the back end of the truck in the dark to put the stock coils back on. It was the night before an early morning departure for work and very frustrating at the time. Again great if you want to improve all around ride quality but would not recommend if you do any hauling.