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2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500/Power Wagon Rear Track Bar Kit


Regular price $580.00

The rear track bar equipped 2014+ 2500 Ram and Power Wagon has some strange handling quirks at higher speeds, mostly noticed on longer rolling bumps and dips in the road.

The Thuren rear track bar kit virtually eliminates that wiggle, and transforms the truck into a very precise handling vehicle. Most gains will be felt on trucks with Thuren softer rear coils.

Compared to the OEM configuration our kit relaxes the arc that the rear axle travels, reduces bushing deflection, and eliminates un-even torsional spring rate provided by the OEM track bar bushings.

These improvements work together to reduce rear steer at higher speeds, fine tune the roll center, and reduce spring rate inconsistencies when the suspension cycles. While not a mandatory upgrade for our suspension, most people find it worth every penny.


  • 2014 - 2023 2500
  • 2014 - 2023 Power Wagon.
  • Trackbar length is extended 6.5" and lifted off the axle to improve geometry.
  • Retains full suspension compression travel. Bump drops not required.
  • Hardened 4140 Chromoly solid bar.
  • Uses the same grease-able rebuildable performance joints as Thuren Control Arms.
  • 17-4 Hardened stainless center pivots.
  • All Grade 8 hardware included.
  • 1/4" Steel CNC laser cut and formed heavy duty adapter bracket
  • Only one new hole to drill and 2 existing holes to open up slightly on the 2500. 2 new holes to drill on the Power Wagon.
  • This product will function great on other brand suspension kits from 0"-2.5" actual rear lift.

Product Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Dennis Jameson
Rear trackbar

Well packed, fast shipping. Installation is straightforward, but drilling holes and getting the nuts on backside and tight aren't. Even though the instructions say tire doesn't need removal, save yourself a ton of bitching and take it off to start.

I am not sure if the truck rides any different, but Thuren's reasoning is solid. On my way back to Alaska from the lower 48 will tell. Truck rode perfectly on the way down.

Overall happy with the product, heavy duty.

Terry Craig
Works better than factory

Very nice, the complete suspension kit was worth the money and made the truck bearable to drive.

Matt Lee
Huge Improvement!

This is the second Power Wagon I've put this on and it makes a big difference!

Jeremy Snavely
Huge towing improvement

2015 ram 2500 diesel with 70K miles. I didn’t notice any wear or looseness in the factory track bar, but while towing it felt like my rear axle was jumping side to side at every bump. Thuren track bar made rear end feel solid and secure. Went from two handed white knuckle driving to one handed relaxed driving. Daily driving with no trailer feels same as stock.

Every 2500 needs this!!

Wow, just wow! I tow a 5th wheel with a 2klb pin weight and man this bar gets rid of the side to side motion when hitting bridges and uneven sections. It’s so good I would imagine this is how the 3500 guys feel! Makes towing much more enjoyable. Thuren knocked it out of the park with this. 100% recommend!