Image of Thuren Fabrication 2014-2022 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Front Kit
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2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Front Leveling Kit


Regular price $1,420.00

This Leveling Kit includes: 

  • Thuren Front Soft Ride Coils
  • Trackbar
  • Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks with reservoir mounts

Consider adding Shock Boots to protect the shock shafts. With exposed shock shafts, regular Off-Road, and winter ice and snow conditions where they gravel and salt roads, can quickly ruin shocks. The gravel from other vehicles in front of you or from your front tires, bouncing around under your truck, can chip the shock shaft. This will cause the shocks to leak, and this is not covered under warranty. Mud and salt dried on the shafts, can penetrate the seals during use, and this is also not covered under warranty.

Be sure to choose your coil springs lift height wisely. Additional help with coil height choice can also be found on the individual front coil springs pages.

- FRONT FOX 2.0 SHOCKS   SKU: TF-980-24-944-MTS
   • 2.75 LIFT DIESEL SKU: RAFC25-13UP
   • 2.00 LIFT DIESEL SKU: 14ULRFC-2H3
   • 1.00 LIFT DIESEL SKU: 14ULRFC-1H2
   • 3.00 LIFT GAS  SKU: 14ULRFC-2H3
   • 2.00 LIFT GAS  SKU: 14ULRFC-1H2

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Logan Miller
Great quality parts and even better ride improvement.

All parts showed up to Ohio within 5 days. Everything packaged very well with no damage to any of the parts. All of the parts are very nice and overbuilt. Install was straight forward taking about 4 hours with the front coils, front and rear shocks, track bar and active rate sway bar. There was an immediate ride improvement and after getting the truck aligned to Thurens specs the front ride quality is night and day difference. The rear doesn’t have much of a difference in ride quality which is to be expected with stock coils. Customer service was top notch and overall a very good experience with Thuren!

Mathew Kelly

2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Front Leveling Kit

Kameron Shepherd
Great product, amazing customer service

Very very happy with everything. Love my 2.75” leaving kit on my 2019 Ram 2500

Peyton nance

2014-2023 Dodge Ram 2500 Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Front Leveling Kit

Joel Fisher
2” level kit for Hemi

I threw this lift on with fox remote res shocks in under 4 hours with jack stands in my driveway and that includes some time to mount the remote reservoirs and do my own alignment. Kit is straight forward with great instructions. The track bar is well built and FK Heim joints are about as it gets for that style rod end. It came centered pretty spot on for the kit and I don’t think I could have got it any closer. I come from the Jeep world having a JK on tons and 4dees, so install was second nature to me but I don’t think anything with some mechanical knowledge couldn’t do this lift. The on road feel is dramatically improved over harsh bumps. You can immediately tell there is more travel the first time you hit a speed bump. Every day driving is more like a 1/2 truck. Honestly, I would personally be willing to live with a little more harshness to have a little more rebound in the Fox valving but I think for most people this kit is spot on and I’m splitting hairs. If you’re even hovering above the buy now button I’m here to give you the nudge you need. Smash.